That’s today’s post. Even on a day when good things happen, if I feel like shit, I.JUST.FEEL.LIKE.SHIT.

However, I do have this tiny dog, that makes me smile. ❤


Blog post share: “Chronically Resilient”

*Note from A Chronic Voice: Angela and I met at a party through our ex-boyfriends (talk about how life goes ), and I never knew that she suffered from chronic illness too. She was living overseas – which can be especially tough for a spoonie! – and seemed so outgoing. After I started this blog,…

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2018 Linkup – A Chronic Voice

I know everyone’s probably saying the same thing, but can you believe that we’re almost halfway through the ‘new year’ already?! The older I get, the more I’m amazed at how time whizzes by. I even need to pause for awhile as I recount my age, as I can’t keep track anymore April’s linkup was…

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When enough is enough.

Sooner or later, we all throw up our hands and shout: “Enough is enough!“.

Don’t we?

I mean, seriously, after years of failed treatments, temporary fixes, relapses, diets, supplements, expensive equipment, specialists, pain management, referrals, x-rays, blood work, MRI’s, Cat Scans, colonoscopies, sleep studies, mammograms, and all manner of holistic treatment, including (but not limited to) meditation, yoga, prayer, hypnosis, aromatherapy, and witchcraft, who wouldn’t?

I am not in despair, I am not beaten, I am not surrendering, but I am at a point right now, where I just want to tell all of my medical providers to go play in a ball-pit full of ticks.

I have decided to just stop.

Stop waiting for them to get up to speed.

Stop hoping they will come up with a treatment, instead of a band-aid.

Stop trying to convince them. (Of anything.)

I am just going to live my life. I am going to try simple, inexpensive things. Yes, I will see my doctors, and I will follow their recommendations if I feel they are necessary, but I’m not going to play prescription roulette, or let them pass me off to others, any longer. I don’t need the side effects, or the added stress.

“Enough is enough!”

I’ll be taking one day at a time, and doing what I can to improve my health. Spring is here, gardens are being planted, crops are growning, and I’m looking forward to fresh, organic, locally grown produce. The #1 key to healing.



Essential oils: What you need to know.

Essential oils have become one of the most recommended aids to healing. Everyone from Holistic/Homeopathic practitioners, to the chronically ill, and everyone in between, are promoting their use as an alternative, or supplement to their healing protocols.

What are essential oils? Is this some weird new-age thing? Do they work? Are there any side effects? These are some of the questions I’ll try to answer*.

*Note: I am not a doctor.

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…or so it should be…

Well, it’s been over a month since I posted. Chronic illness often dictates what I can and cannot do, at any given moment, and although I fight like hell to stave off the effects, I have learned that oftentimes, it is better (for my health) to just take a step back, and regroup.

As with any illness, the physical symptoms can drain us mentally, and spiritually. It is at these times when we must find ways to bolster our resolve, and find the strength to keep fighting. The alternative is to wallow in the darkness of our lives, shutting out the light, and retreating from the world around us. Although taking a step back, may be seen as a retreat, if done with the intent to reflect, recharge, and renew ones mind and body, it can, and usually does, have a healing effect. This process does not cure, or send us into remission, but it may allow us to move forward with a clear head, and a renewed sense of purpose.

During the last month or so, I have been recharging. I have spent time alone, done some spring cleaning, played with my dog, watched some very interesting documentaries, painted a little, and re-potted some houseplants. A little every day, goes a long way. I am getting better at pacing myself, and not causing a 3 day flare, after one day of feeling like I could conquer the world. Baby steps. 😉

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Monday, Monday.

If you live in #Connecticut, and are on any kind of assistance, need to obtain healthcare, or deal with the Motor Vehicle Department, you already know, that a simple thing, like asking a question, may entail pressing endless numbers on menus, and sitting for hours on hold until you reach a human being. Is this just a case of a bloated system, or is it a plot to dissuade us from calling?

Who knows.

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