Lyme and ACA – The “Herx Rash”

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Acrodermatitis chronica atrophicans, (quite a mouthful huh?), or ACA, is a skin rash that is indicative of chronic Lyme. It was thought of to be an “only European” dermatological condition in relation to Lyme, but I will explain further exactly why it is very well in the United States. It can lead to widespread atrophy in the skin and can also cause many issues in the peripheral nervous system in more serious cases. ACA is the only form of Lyme in which no spontaneous remission occurs, and its pathology is not yet fully understood, according to one source.


Do you remember my feet? Dr J took a look at it and immediately knew what it was. ACA. It is also known as “the herx rash” or “herxheimer disease”, as it generally shows during or right after antibiotic treatment. In my case, as soon as I stopped antibiotics, this is…

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