My CBD Experience. (So Far)

Lately I have been going on a lot about CBD products, and their benefits. I have tried quite a few, and have found what I think is going to be my go-to brand. I will share that with you in a moment.

For the last 6 years, I have been plagued by Lyme Disease, and it’s lengthy list of symptoms. Mine is a chronic condition, and although I have tried to treat with many protocols, none seemed to quite do the trick.


After reading up on the possible benefits of using CBD, I began trying different brands, and I will tell you from experience, that not all CBD is created equal. CBD, and Medical Marijuana use is on the rise, and many people, companies, and countries are trying to cash in. If you are truly seeking the health benefits, do your homework. Don’t buy Gas Station CBD.

Disclaimer: The following is an unsolicited review, and recommendation.

After doing a Google search for “Top CBD Brands” I came across a link for Lazarus Naturals.  It can normally be found based on reviews, within the top 5-10 brands listed.

Lazarus Naturals was formed in 2014 and is one of the largest CBD companies in the Pacific Northwest (U.S.A.) They have dedicated themselves to delivering high-quality CBD products that are accessible to everyone, especially those who need them most. This is highlighted by their Assistance Program that offers lifetime 60% discounts to veterans, individuals on long-term disability, and low-income households.  They are also environmentally conscious. Their CBD products are all natural, non-gmo, vegan, and include tinctures, isolates, topicals, and a CBD tincture for pets. All of their products are third-party tested, and all results posted. I like transparency.

When I read about their assistance program, I was very excited, as CBD can be very expensive. When first trying CBD, it is a common mistake for users to “not see any change” and stop using it before giving it a chance. The assistance program allowed me to purchase more, and was very simple to apply for. It only took 4 days to be approved.

I first ordered their High Potency Full Spectrum CBD Tincture. It has a very strong “natural” flavor, but was not off-putting to me. You can see below, the insert, and color. This is what CBD should look like.

61440328_2329267913760703_6698945476089085952_n (1)     61176255_2329268020427359_8184215960991825920_n

The packing peanuts really do melt away in water! 🙂

Their CBD info, and FAQ page is very informative. It includes information on dosing, and how CBD works with your body.

The second bottle I ordered was a flavored tincture. (French Vanilla Mocha) The flavor still has a hint of the natural, but it is toned down, and would be more palatable to those who do not like the taste of the original flavor. To me, taste is not that important, as it is temporary.

Lazarus Naturals 61254812_2329268177094010_203608813067042816_n

Now, as I said earlier, I have Lyme Disease. I have also been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, High Blood Pressure, Adult ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and PTSD.

I started with .75 ml twice per day. I had a moderate Herxheimer Reaction, which I expected. (Increase in joint pain.) I took care of this with detox baths. This subsided after about 5 days. After a week, I went up to 1.0 ml, which is one full dropper. Still twice daily. There were no adverse effects.

Two weeks in, I noticed that I seemed to be more focused than usual. My ADHD medication seemed to be working longer. Almost too long. I also found that I had less need for my anxiety meds. Three weeks in, during a visit to my doctor, explained what I was taking, and asked to have both my ADHD, and Anxiety meds cut by half.  10 days have passed since reducing my medications, and I am happy to report all is well. My goal one day is to be pharma free, and although I may not ever be cured of what ails me, being able to reduce the severity of  (any) symptom is wonderful.

I have not noticed a change in my pain levels as of yet, but this may happen in time, I will keep you posted on any news.

Remember that as with all medicines, what works for me, may not work for you in the same way, or at all. To date, I am very happy with this tincture. I intend to try some of their other products shortly, (Topicals) and will let you know how it works for me.

Take a look at Lazarus Naturals.









7 thoughts on “My CBD Experience. (So Far)”

  1. I’m thrilled you shared your experience with Lazurus CBD oil. I’m a long time user of CBD and also have Chronic Lyme, Fibromalgia and severe arthritis. I can’t say that I’ve seen a difference after over a year of CBD oil, gummies, vaping and pill form. I’m happy you have found some relief and I will check out Lazarus products. I’m very interested in their assistance program since each order is quite expensive. Have a great day. M

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