My CBD Experience. (So Far)

Lately I have been going on a lot about CBD products, and their benefits. I have tried quite a few, and have found what I think is going to be my go-to brand. I will share that with you in a moment.

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CBD: Read all about it!

More and more people are turning away from pharmaceuticals in favor of more natural methods to treat their chronic illness symptoms. One of the most popular at the moment is CBD.

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Marijuana, Hemp & CBD.

For thousands of years, humans and animals alike have been using plants to help them heal. We still do. That is why we have Lavender baby bath, Chamomile Tea, Aloe in our lotions, and health food stores.

Believe it or not, we have also been using marijuana, hemp, and it’s derivatives in the US, up until about 70 yrs ago, with no issues whatsoever. Doctors were prescribing it for hundreds of years.

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This is how it is.

I am about to write a post with out chaging any of the mistakes I make during it’s writiing, no grammar fixes, spelling corrections, or other efforts to look like I have a brain will be used. I’m doing thisa so people witkk understand theat we are all not on here typing a gazillion wordsperminute, like some kid wityhan iphone This is what pain, brain fog,and no voordination liikjs like.

It’s been rainiy, dreary, and just fucking miserable in CT, and I’ve been feeling it. I haven’t been doing much, aside from sitting around, ad waiting for my new CBD to come. I can’t wait to tell you all about it. I love it. Best one yet.

I wqoke up with my arms nkumb last night at about 11:25 am. I couldn’t goback to sleep, and I’m still up.

I think I’m herxing. It’s the new CBD. Time to grab the Burber and epsom salts, and vinegas.

Well, if I’m herxing, it’sa working right? I hope so. cut my pain in half the other day, so that made me very happy. I’d like to be Pharma-free soon. I’m going to give it about a week before I come on here and try to tell you that this CBD tincture is the best ever.

There are balls in the eir, I just hopw I can catch some.

In case you havent noticed, or I haven’t told you,m there is a nre website, anf forup up here :

It’s for everysone. Come and join, and make some posts. It’s quiet in there, and still smells like a new car.


Anyway, I need to go lie down, I’m all sdrmbled. it took me 45 minutes to write this.


❤ – J

When you just…can’t.

I’ve been waiting for Spring. I live in New England. Right now, we are having “Second Autumn”. It’s like real Autumn, only it comes after Spring. It’s cold damp, and rainy. It is a pain inducing nightmare.

I have calls to make, emails to write, I have to go out later, and I just want to curl up in a ball, on the couch, with my dog, and a blanket.

I can’t keep my brain focused, even with my meds properly ingested this morning, and I just don’t care.

Any “normal” person would be complaining of a 8 on their pain scale, and would probably want to die. I am not normal. If the pain scale went from 1-20, instead of 1-10, I’d probably be at a 13.

I’m only sitting here writing this, to keep going. To make it through the day. To resist the urge to lie down. I really do have to go out later, it is not optional.

The one bright spot, is that something I ordered came today. I can’t tell you what it is just yet, but keep watching for updates. This is something I hope to be able to share with you all in the next few days.

Till then, carry on my warrior friends, better days are coming. ❤ J

Calling all (invisible) Warriors!

Every day I see more and more people being added to groups, and forums who are chronically ill,  and confused about what to do. Some have been diagnosed with Lyme disease, some with Fibro., MS, and/or ME/CFS, and many more. Some carry the badge of “All of the Above”. Continue reading “Calling all (invisible) Warriors!”

Kratom: Wonder Leaf, or Deadly Crutch? A Review of “A Leaf of Faith”.

In “A Leaf of Faith”, Chris, who struggles with chronic pain, and addiction on a daily basis, delves into the Kratom debate.  His interviews with doctors, scientists, and politicians, on both sides of the debate, are thought provoking,

I have a terrible head cold, so last night, I was scrolling through Netflix, and found a documentary with an interesting name: “A Leaf of Faith”. I had no idea what it was about, it is a new release, and I saw the word “Kratom” in the description. Discussions about the use of Kratom have been popping up all over, and when something like this comes along, I have to know more.  Continue reading “Kratom: Wonder Leaf, or Deadly Crutch? A Review of “A Leaf of Faith”.”