Prelude to an Essay

When I’m tired, I just can’t get the words onto the “screen”…I almost typed “paper”….wow.

In my 55 years, many things have changed. Some, for the better, others, not so much. Life used to be simple. At least while I was growing up it was. I’m sure I speak for many of my generation when I say that we felt safe. More often than not, we brought the danger onto ourselves, while climbing trees, riding our bikes down hills at breakneck speed, and diving off cliffs into ponds with uncertain depths. Although we did these things, most of us came home unscathed. A skinned elbow here, a broken leg there, and life went on. There were no seat belts, elbow pads, or helmets. We had no need for “safe places”. Our safe place was home. Time flies huh?  Continue reading “Prelude to an Essay”

…or so it should be…

We are all human beings, the same, yet each one of us unique. We have different beliefs, and that’s ok. You don’t have to believe in God to be a good person. Believing in a different God, or no God at all, does not make you a bad person.

Well, it’s been over a month since I posted. Chronic illness often dictates what I can and cannot do, at any given moment, and although I fight like hell to stave off the effects, I have learned that oftentimes, it is better (for my health) to just take a step back, and regroup.

As with any illness, the physical symptoms can drain us mentally, and spiritually. It is at these times when we must find ways to bolster our resolve, and find the strength to keep fighting. The alternative is to wallow in the darkness of our lives, shutting out the light, and retreating from the world around us. Although taking a step back, may be seen as a retreat, if done with the intent to reflect, recharge, and renew ones mind and body, it can, and usually does, have a healing effect. This process does not cure, or send us into remission, but it may allow us to move forward with a clear head, and a renewed sense of purpose.

During the last month or so, I have been recharging. I have spent time alone, done some spring cleaning, played with my dog, watched some very interesting documentaries, painted a little, and re-potted some houseplants. A little every day, goes a long way. I am getting better at pacing myself, and not causing a 3 day flare, after one day of feeling like I could conquer the world. Baby steps. 😉

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