Tuttle’s Letter to the TBDWG — Madison Area Lyme Support Group (Blog Post Share)

This is something everyone should read.

“There are rumors that Dr. Eugene Shapiro has been selected to participate as a member of the Tick-borne Disease Working Group. Shapiro has spent a career discrediting the sick and disabled along with the courageous clinicians attempting to help these patients as he coauthored the deplorable Lancet article referenced below. There is no place for Shapiro on the TBDWG as he is a disgrace to the medical profession.” Continue reading “Tuttle’s Letter to the TBDWG — Madison Area Lyme Support Group (Blog Post Share)”

Activism: Fighting for Lyme Disease Awareness.


  1. the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

For many, the words “activism”, or “activist” conjure up memories of the 1960’s, with peace marches, love-ins, and racial equality at the forefront of most protests. As many know, however, we have a much richer history than the activism of the 1960’s. Our country, and in fact many throughout the world, were built on the results of activism. The selfless acts of protest, picketing, and standing up for each other, has always been the way to get things done, despite the injury, loss of life, or jail time one might face.

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Petition: Pass H.R.220 – Ntl. Lyme and Tick-Borne Diseases Control and Accountability Act of 2019

Please sign, and share.


Lyme Warrior – Ink to End Lyme 2019

Lyme Warrior is at it again, with their awesome “Ink to End Lyme” campaign.

Visit them on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/LymeWarriorUS/

Or on their website here: http://lymewarrior.us/

Many shops are hosting, and it is for a great cause. If you have a tattoo addiction, Lyme Disease, or know someone who does, please show your support.


Re: “Lyme disease remains confusing” – My letter to the Editor(s), and Author.

Imagine my hopefulness when seeing this headline on the front page of our local paper! Needless to say, I was encouraged to see Lyme mentioned, but my hopes for an actual unbiased, fact-based piece of journalism were soon dashed. Continue reading “Re: “Lyme disease remains confusing” – My letter to the Editor(s), and Author.”

Faith, Hope, and Complacency.

“Let me tell you something my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane.“ – (Red) The Shawshank Redemption.

Hey everyone,  I guess it’s been awhile. To be honest, I just haven’t felt inspired enough, or angry enough to crank out a post. My apologies, but, as you know, such is the life of a person with a chronic illness…

Let’s just call it what it is: CHRONIC LYME DISEASE.

Yes, it does exist, and no matter what you are told, it’s NOT all in your head.

I was reminded of this, quite abruptly, while watching “The Bleeding Edge” on Netflix. Follow the link, and read the article. If you have any kind of man made parts in your body, brace yourself. Then, come back, and read my rant.

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As if we needed worse news…

Exotic Tick invades New Jersey…

A team of Rutgers scientists along with federal and state health officials do not know if the Longhorned tick is capable of transmitting Lyme disease but it has been shown to spread other serious diseases like SFTS virus and the pathogen that causes Japanese spotted fever along with many diseases in animals.

“We don’t know how it will behave here in New Jersey,” said Andrea Egizi a visiting professor in Rutgers Department of Entomology. “What we know is that it can carry disease in its native habitats so that’s a concern.”



And Virginia…

The ticks were initially found in New Jersey. (Source: state.nj.us)
The ticks were initially found in New Jersey. (Source:state.nj.us)

An exotic tick initially found in New Jersey last year was discovered on a beef farm in Albemarle County, the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services said Wednesday.

The Haemaphysalis longicornis tick – also known as the East Asian or Longhorned tick – was discovered on an orphaned calf.

Dr. Manoel Tamassia, a vet in New Jersey,  told the “Today Show” last month that the tick comes with some pretty scary properties. For example, females can reproduce on their own, so one female by herself could produce thousands of eggs, he said.

Experts aren’t yet sure which North American diseases the tick can transmit, but it has been shown in Asia to spread diseases related to Rocky Mountain spotted fever and anaplasmosis.

“Livestock producers and owners should notify VDACS if they notice any unusual ticks that have not been seen before or that occur in large numbers on an individual animal,” VDACS said in a news release.


What is the SFTS Virus???

Read on: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/26923953