Activism: Fighting for Lyme Disease Awareness.


  1. the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.

For many, the words “activism”, or “activist” conjure up memories of the 1960’s, with peace marches, love-ins, and racial equality at the forefront of most protests. As many know, however, we have a much richer history than the activism of the 1960’s. Our country, and in fact many throughout the world, were built on the results of activism. The selfless acts of protest, picketing, and standing up for each other, has always been the way to get things done, despite the injury, loss of life, or jail time one might face.

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Soapbox Rant #2 – A History Lesson –

“To sit home, read one’s favorite paper, and scoff at the misdeeds of the men who do things is easy, but it is markedly ineffective. It is what evil men count upon the good men’s doing.” -Theodore Roosevelt –

Confession: I love Ken Burns’ Documentaries.  There are 31 in total, with 3 more in production. A fact I did not know until just now.

Last night, I watched “The Roosevelts“.  (Let’s talk about “Teddy”)

We, here now, did not live through Theodore Roosevelt’s Presidency, and later political adventures, so the most we got was a blurb about him in history class, which was totally meaningless. There is no reference point, nothing to clue us in on the “person” himself. (Understanding the man/woman’s roots in any situation is essential to understanding them, and their ideals.)

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Roosevelt?

Have you even heard that name before now?

Teddy Roosevelt was born in 1858, to an affluent family in NYC. He was frail, and sickly in his youth, but spurred on by his father, (and against doctor’s advice) developed his strength through gymnastics, and weightlifting in during his teens.

Teddy – age 11

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Kratom: Wonder Leaf, or Deadly Crutch? A Review of “A Leaf of Faith”.

In “A Leaf of Faith”, Chris, who struggles with chronic pain, and addiction on a daily basis, delves into the Kratom debate.  His interviews with doctors, scientists, and politicians, on both sides of the debate, are thought provoking,

I have a terrible head cold, so last night, I was scrolling through Netflix, and found a documentary with an interesting name: “A Leaf of Faith”. I had no idea what it was about, it is a new release, and I saw the word “Kratom” in the description. Discussions about the use of Kratom have been popping up all over, and when something like this comes along, I have to know more.  Continue reading “Kratom: Wonder Leaf, or Deadly Crutch? A Review of “A Leaf of Faith”.”

And…The Golden Shit-Hole Award Goes To:

Most countries, including the USA, have cities, and towns, and whole counties that have been deemed shit-holes by their own residents. 


Tell me, that we are not a country full of idiots.

Never mind, I can see the truth in the news, and on social media.

So, we had the golden globes…(Most) of the women wore black, amid the #Metoo campaign, and to protest sexual harassment in the workplace, and showing support for the mission of the “Time’s Up” group. You go girls! <eye roll>

I don’t watch award shows, but with all of the hullabaloo, I had to take a gander at the Celeb’s evening wear, so I Googled. Here are my thoughts, and an annoying review, by me…disclaimer: I have no degree in fashion, nor do I keep up with trends, but I feel like thank’s to my Mother, I know “class” when I see it. Here goes nothin’:

  • If I can see your ass, tit’s, nipples, or crotch, you really need to re-evaluate your position. If I am on a diet, and I see a box on the table, it may or may not contain an eclair. It’s like Schrodingers Cat. Dead or alive? No one knows. No one cares. I don’t know what’s in the box, therefore it is not tempting me. I ignore the box. HOWEVER, if you replace the box with a plastic see-through container, I’ll probably eat the fucking eclair. Yes, of course I know that there is a HUGE difference between this analogy, and sexual harassment, and yes, women like to show off their bodies, and YES, men should be able to control themselves. BUT… You know the rest. ‘Nuff said.
  • Oprah. Yep, you knew she was in my sights didn’t you? She gave a mighty convincing, and seemingly heartfelt speech. It was so good that many have wondered if she would one day run for President of the United States. We’ll just ignore all of the photos of you & Harvey having a grand old time, and move on. SMH! Your dress was fabulous though.
  •  Angelina, tsk. tsk. You looked like you were attending a funeral. Hated that “boudoir” look. Not my word there…yeah go back to bed. Looks like you could use a nice nap, or a long vacation. The Twilight Vampire look, is so…um…9 years ago.
  • Millie Bobbie Brown, and Saoirse Ronan. UGH…I just have no words, except for: “Learn how to pose, and try not to look like emissaries from another planet.”
  • “Stranger Things” cast kiddos, bravo! Nicely done.
  • Jessica Biel, beautiful, but I think I would have gone with a darker lipstick. A nice plum perhaps.
  • Reese Witherspoon, Mandy Moore, Kelly Clarkson, Gal Gadot, Natalie Portman, America Ferrera, Viola Davis, Jessica Chastain, Zoe Kravitz, Claire Foy,  Alison Brie, Sarah Paulson, Octavia Spencer, Ann Dowd, Christina Hendricks, Dakota Johnson, Tara Lipinski, and Johnny Weir. All elegant, & classy!
  • OMG!! Roseanne! is that really you? Beautiful.

That’s all I’ve got. I could go on a rant about Kate Hudson, and Katherine Zeta-Jones’ choices, but I won’t. (Because I love them both. However, I am smh anyway. 😉

I guess you are wondering about the “shit-hole” reference.

Well it seems that our Dear Commander in Chief called someplace a “shit-hole”, and everyone is having a grand old time translating the phrase. My personal favorite is “Shit- Pit”. I believe that’s what translated in Turkish.

Yes, someplace…

Most countries, including the USA, have cities, and towns, and whole counties that have been deemed shit-holes by their own residents.

I am also pretty confident, that some other world leader has called the USA a shit-hole, a time or two. It’s just a matter of someone ratting you out.

Our President is only human, and he was not raised in a political atmosphere. Unfortunately for him, he is used to getting what he wants, and has a tendency to run his mouth. Much like the rest of us. I can’t imagine being President, and having to watch what I say….I mean, I say Fuck…A LOT.  I also cringe when I think of all the photographers, and press circling like vultures…they’d be making book on how many times I would roll my eyes…and you know darn well that they ask those “hard” questions, just to push the buttons, hoping for a newsworthy meltdown, or angry response.

Just relax.

Let the Prez. do his job, and let’s be done with it. Don’t like him? Oh well. I didn’t much like George 2, but you didn’t see me crying about it.

Need change? Start a revolution. But do it before some wack-job takes all of our guns away.

Bottom line, no one likes a backseat driver, an armchair quarterback or a You Tube revolutionary. Get out of your Momma’s basement if you feel unheard, deprived, or your feelings are hurt. Would you like me to call a Whaaaambulance for you?

All that being said, the “Golden Shit-hole Award” for most shitty of 2017, goes to:

The World’s Media.

Your paparazzi-like behavior, utter lack of empathy, and ability to make just about anyone look like an asshole, are disgusting, deplorable, and demeaning. Oh, and your fashion sense sucks too.






How to save the planet.

Humans share the earth with an estimated 8.7 million different species. The number is probably much higher, considering that we have not studied every inch of the planet, but the operative word here is share. The planet Earth is basically a huge terrarium. Everything in it, on it, and around it, works together. It has for millennia. Throughout history, there have been natural events that have changed the face of the planet, but every time, the earth has bounced back, good as new, and life goes on.

Until now.

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My home is under attack!

World leaders, historically, have loved to destroy things in the name of progress. In the name of monetary gain. In the name of power.

…and so is yours.

I really enjoy documentaries. I have learned a lot from them. I wish there were more on Netflix…I think I have almost watched them all. Everything from A-Bombs to Zebra migration. They are wonderful.

When someone goes out into the field with a camera, and is filming, there is no director controlling the subjects. The gorillas do what they do. The indigenous people do what they do.

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Proper Diet = Health, for you, & your pets.

For a good while now, I have been trying to take the crap out of my diet. By crap, I mean, sugars, excessive salt, preservatives, pesticides, GMO’s, and anything else I cannot pronounce. After watching a few documentaries, and researching online, it is very clear to me that not only can what we eat make us sick, but it can KEEP us sick.

The other night, I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Pet Fooled”. I really had never thought about my pet foods before. I don’t know why, because I always want my pets to be healthy, I love them. This is why I rarely give them people food. The pet food industry is not well regulated. It is a big business, with overflowing pockets, and great marketers. It has convinced us for years, that this kibble, or that canned food is nutritious, and good for our pets. It really isn’t.

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