It’s a chilly March morning in Connecticut. I woke up feeling tired, and lazy. My head still hurts, and I am a little dizzy from this inner ear thing that I have been dealing with for over a month. I decided to turn on the T.V., which I usually never do first thing.  I clicked onto Netflix, and I see the word “Heal”. I want to heal. I click it, and begin watching.

I want all of you to watch it.

One statement that really got to me is this (paraphrased):

“We have more faith in cancer’s ability to kill us, than we do in our own ability to heal ourselves.”

The human body is a miraculous thing.



Real life, real problems. Part 1.

One undeniable issue this country has, is the health of it’s citizens. Obesity, diabetes, and heart disease, are all on the rise, and now at alarmingly high rates in children.

I just got a Zillow email, containing a listing for a 2 bedroom apartment, for $950.00 per month. Yes, $950. Now, I know in some parts of he country, that’s not a lot, but here is the NW corner of Connecticut, it is. Or, I should say, it should be seen as a lot.

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Lizards, and Bunnies and Cats. (oh my!)

No matter what kind of pet you have, I imagine, at least once, they have caught one or two of your tears. We all need someone, or something to lean on. It’s human nature. we are social creatures, and are not meant to be isolated, and alone.

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The Lessons of Lyme.

Before I started this blog, I was blogging elsewhere. I followed many people there with chronic illness, and I was overwhelmed by the depressing nature of most of their posts. Having a chronic illness sucks. There’s no doubt, but if you wrap yourself in a blanket, and remain in a cocoon of self pity, you will never get better. You will never move forward. As I have said many, many times: You are in charge of your own health. If you are able to blog, and tweet, you should do something productive with your time, and make good use of your spoons.

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Regret, and Resolve.

I am that girl. The one who touches the button, that says “Do not touch.”.

Why sometimes, you need to break your own heart.

About 15 years ago, during my drinking days, I met a guy. Well, I should say I saw a guy. He was just sitting there drinking a beer, and smoking a cigarette. I was immediately drawn to him. I couldn’t stop looking at him. My heart was melting, and I hadn’t even spoken to him.  I had to find out who he was.

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20 Reasons why you should follow my Blog:

  1. My blog is not just about Lyme.
  2. I am a Mom.
  3. I am a Grandmother.
  4. I am honest.
  5. I am sarcastic.
  6. I am opinionated.
  7. I use “colorful” language.
  8. I love my country.
  9. I love my heritage.
  10. I love learning.
  11. I love food.
  12. I have an open mind.
  13. I make mistakes.
  14. I am creative.
  15. I am patriotic.
  16. I am sometimes lazy.
  17. I am an activist.
  18. I am a good cook.
  19. I give good advice.
  20. If you follow me, I will follow you.



Spread the word!

So…I am slowly trying to remove all of the bad stuff from my diet. Not an easy thing to do living with my daughter, and 3 grandchildren. Temptation is literally everywhere. There are Milano cookies in the house. MILANO.COOKIES…*sigh*

My goal is to be 100% Vegan at some point in the near future. Today, I saw a few yummy looking recipes here on WordPress, and am looking forward to trying them. My juicer, and the farmers market are waiting for me. The choice to go vegan, came over time. Having a chronic illness was an unfortunate starting point, but with all of this time on my hands, I was able to research, watch informative documentaries, and understand more about the benefits of eating the right foods.

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