When enough is enough.

I am not in despair, I am not beaten, I am not surrendering, but I am at a point right now, where I just want to tell all of my medical providers to go play in a ball-pit full of ticks.

Sooner or later, we all throw up our hands and shout: “Enough is enough!“.

Don’t we?

I mean, seriously, after years of failed treatments, temporary fixes, relapses, diets, supplements, expensive equipment, specialists, pain management, referrals, x-rays, blood work, MRI’s, Cat Scans, colonoscopies, sleep studies, mammograms, and all manner of holistic treatment, including (but not limited to) meditation, yoga, prayer, hypnosis, aromatherapy, and witchcraft, who wouldn’t?

I am not in despair, I am not beaten, I am not surrendering, but I am at a point right now, where I just want to tell all of my medical providers to go play in a ball-pit full of ticks.

I have decided to just stop.

Stop waiting for them to get up to speed.

Stop hoping they will come up with a treatment, instead of a band-aid.

Stop trying to convince them. (Of anything.)

I am just going to live my life. I am going to try simple, inexpensive things. Yes, I will see my doctors, and I will follow their recommendations if I feel they are necessary, but I’m not going to play prescription roulette, or let them pass me off to others, any longer. I don’t need the side effects, or the added stress.

“Enough is enough!”

I’ll be taking one day at a time, and doing what I can to improve my health. Spring is here, gardens are being planted, crops are growning, and I’m looking forward to fresh, organic, locally grown produce. The #1 key to healing.



Chicken Soup

It’s November, and I’m already dreaming about Thanksgiving dinner. To satisfy my craving, I picked up a roaster chicken , stuffed it with a nice herb blend, and  threw it in the oven. That, with rice pilaf, sweet white corn, and some cranberry sauce on the side, was just what I needed to make my tummy happy. A few good leftover meals later, and it’s time to make soup.

Soup was a staple growing up, especially in the fall, and winter months. Any cold, wet, snowy, or rainy days, called for soup. Tomato, chicken noodle, or chicken with rice, all my favorites, especially when accompanied by a grilled cheese sandwich. Mmm mmm good! Yes, although mostly homemade, Campbell’s Soup was the go to soup in our house, and still my favorite soup in a can. These days, I am trying to save money, and eat healthier, so homemade is the best. I can control the entire process, and know exactly what’s in it. Also, when someone isn’t feeling well, or has a good old fashioned case of the Flu, there is no better medicine.

Making soup is ridiculously easy, although, in my opinion, in order to be just right, it needs to simmer all day, so it’s a bit time consuming.

I place my chicken carcass into my soup pot,(You can add giblets as well.) along with 1 onion, just cut in half, a few stalks of celery, and a carrot just cut in half, or 4 baby carrots. I cover this, with cold water, just to the halfway mark in the pot, more or less is fine. I add salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, minced garlic, crushed red pepper, a bay leaf, some thyme, and rosemary. (To taste, not measured.) This chicken had been stuffed, so some flavor from the removed stuffing is nice. I bring this slowly to a boil, and then let it simmer until the chicken basically falls apart.

Once the chicken has begun to fall apart, I remove the pot from the heat, and strain the broth through the colander. I leave the chicken to cool, before I de bone it. I put the broth back into the stock pot, and cut some onion, carrot, and celery into nice sized chunks. The amount will vary depending on the amount of liquid. I turn the pot back on to low, and allow the broth to simmer. I usually give it a taste to check the flavor at this point. You can add more seasonings, or a couple of bouillon cubes.

Once de boned, I add the meat to the pot, give it a good stir, and taste. With this batch, I added peas, and some rice. You can also use egg noodles, but when I do, I cook them separately, and do not add them directly to the soup, as they will get mushy.

There is nothing better, or more comforting, than soup.

It’ll warm your heart, and soul.

Enjoy!  ❤




Spread the word!

So…I am slowly trying to remove all of the bad stuff from my diet. Not an easy thing to do living with my daughter, and 3 grandchildren. Temptation is literally everywhere. There are Milano cookies in the house. MILANO.COOKIES…*sigh*

My goal is to be 100% Vegan at some point in the near future. Today, I saw a few yummy looking recipes here on WordPress, and am looking forward to trying them. My juicer, and the farmers market are waiting for me. The choice to go vegan, came over time. Having a chronic illness was an unfortunate starting point, but with all of this time on my hands, I was able to research, watch informative documentaries, and understand more about the benefits of eating the right foods.

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Proper Diet = Health, for you, & your pets.

For a good while now, I have been trying to take the crap out of my diet. By crap, I mean, sugars, excessive salt, preservatives, pesticides, GMO’s, and anything else I cannot pronounce. After watching a few documentaries, and researching online, it is very clear to me that not only can what we eat make us sick, but it can KEEP us sick.

The other night, I watched a documentary on Netflix called “Pet Fooled”. I really had never thought about my pet foods before. I don’t know why, because I always want my pets to be healthy, I love them. This is why I rarely give them people food. The pet food industry is not well regulated. It is a big business, with overflowing pockets, and great marketers. It has convinced us for years, that this kibble, or that canned food is nutritious, and good for our pets. It really isn’t.

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A lifetime of food, and poison. (Juicing Day #7)

For over half a century, I never gave a second thought to the foods I consumed. As a child, my mother fed me, and in my adult years, I have maintained an “if I’m going to die, I am going to die happy, eating what I want”, attitude. I clung on to this way of thinking, until very recently.

Enter chronic illness. I was initially diagnosed with Lyme Disease. I saw many doctors, who threw Doxycycline, and Prozac at me, and then found a Nurse Practitioner who had a different approach. She was the first to talk to me about my diet, and the first to attempt to treat the Lyme Disease aggressively. The very first thing she told me to remove from my diet was sugar.  When she moved away, I was again forced to see a medical doctor in town. Having state insurance, I was limited as to who I could see in town. The new PCP ordered every test, and procedure known to man. Since he did not believe in Chronic Lyme Disease, he looked for another cause of my (many) symptoms. Although he was able to refer me to an orthopedic surgeon for my neck pain, nothing much else was accomplished. Nutrition, and diet were never discussed. His final diagnosis was Fibromyalgia. Another disease with no testing, ambiguous symptoms, and no cure.  This doctor as well, is resigning, and I am set to see a new doctor in June. Right in the middle of trying to be accepted for SSDI, but I digress.

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Juicing, Day #6, & Feeling Springy.

I am sorry for being less than active blogging about this juicing adventure of mine. Honestly, it isn’t a lot of fun, and I have been feeling even weaker than normal. This is to be expected, according to what I have heard, and read. If I had to recommend some diet, I would say just eat better foods. A whole food plant based diet is what I will be choosing. I will still juice, but it will be in addition to foods I can chew. (I really miss eating.)

Yesterday, I had an appointment, and talked to my BH guy about the diet, and other things, like CBD oils, and such. I am now doing some research on this.

My PCP resigned from the office I have been using for years. Creating an anxiety filled couple of days.  I now have to break in a new PCP, and get him up to speed. Unfortunately, I have to wait until June to see him. I hope he is more open minded than the last one..

The weather broke today, and the sun is doing it’s work to warm us up. My daughter, and I took a trip to Pecto for supplies, and being out made me feel better emotionally. We have crocus, daffodils, and tulips beginning to pop out in the sunny spots. Spring is coming, and I am so happy about that.

That’s all for now, I need a nap.

Day #4, and #5, (Doom & Gloom)

Juicing sucks, I’m hungry, it’s gross outside, and I’m in pain. That’s all I’ve got.

Netflix, and bed, here I come. BAYL (Blog at ya later.)